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Hussain Ali, Pakistan

“I cannot express in words how thankful I am for the services provided to me by the New Brunswick Refugee Clinic. I was in extreme emotional and psychological distress when I came to Canada. I was completely lost and did not know how to take the next step, but NBRC helped me every step of the way free of charge. The staff has been very kind and helpful to me throughout my whole journey. They helped me get the protection I needed in Canada and gave me a new life, and I am very grateful for all the help I received from them. Thank you, NBRC”

Emeka, Nigeria

“Mr. Akram and his team’s legal advice, support, experience, professionalism, competence, research, analytical skills, and diligence were very instrumental to the success of my refugee claim. The team worked on my asylum case step by step and thoroughly helped me to prepare for my hearing. Mr. Akram’s sincerity, charismatic personality and his entire team’s hard work and their synchronized coordination gained my trust on the very first day. My case was compiled and sent out in a very professional and well-organized manner. His charm, support, advice, words of encouragement, and insightful comments made the entire process of my asylum hearing a lot easier.The most shocking part was that no money was collected from me for all these services rendered. Thank you to the New Brunswick Refugee Clinic team for all your efforts!”

Carmen, Venezuela

“I am eternally thankful to have had the New Brunswick Refugee Clinic as a means of support when I needed them the most. The Clinic walked me through every step of the process and helped me file all the necessary documents to ultimately stay in Canada. When I first came to New Brunswick, I was scared and lost, looking for help and not knowing where to start. I remember the day like it was yesterday when I went to ask for help at NBRC. As soon as I finished telling my story, Akram took my case and told me that they were going to help me. Since that day I have reflected a lot on my journey and I always feel so much gratitude for all that NBRC did for me. It is because of them that today I get to live free in Canada!”

Daniel, Guinea

Daniel first came to Canada to pursue a university education with the financial support of his parents in Guinea. Unfortunately, all family support and communication ended abruptly when Daniel revealed to his family that he was bisexual. He was soon financially
unable to afford necessities or school. He dropped out and suffered from depression. Returning home was not an option. He could not live openly as a bisexual man in Guinea due to persecution of the LGBTQ community. When a friend suggested that he consider a refugee claim in Canada, he began the process himself, but it was daunting and complicated. All of this changed when Daniel came to receive NBRC’s free legal aid. “You’re in a situation where you’re scared; you’re out of resources, you can’t go back home; and you don’t know what to do.

When someone tells you, ‘we’re going to support you; these are the steps you can take that helps a lot” says Daniel. With the help of the NBRC, Daniel obtained refugee status in November of 2017. A financial adviser and volunteer in our community, Daniel now lives a successful and secure life thanks to our donors and contributors.


Djene came to Canada to complete her master’s degree in communication. During her academic year, she discovered she was pregnant. Her family cut all financial support to force her to return home to face the consequences of her actions. In her home country, these consequences meant punishment through lapidation (stoning). Alone in Canada and fearful for her safety and that of her unborn child, Djene hoped to hire a lawyer but not able to afford one. Then she found out about NBRC through its partnerships with other community resources. The NBRC was able to help her to secure shelter and medical aid while assisting with her refugee claim. Djene gave birth to a beautiful little girl in February of 2017. With the help of the NBRC ardour team of volunteer lawyers, Djene received her protected person status in Canada in July of 2019. Djene now has a steady job and can provide for her daughter. She plans to re-enroll in university to continue her education.

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