Dear all,

2020 has proven a challenging year in a myriad of ways. Most importantly, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on the situations of refugees around the world. In Canada, the global shutdown has significantly slowed the immigration system, leaving many individuals in limbo as they await the necessary authorizations to work and live in Canada. We at NBRC recognize the significant and disproportionate hardships that COVID-19 has brought upon our clients and the global refugee population as a whole. Throughout the duration of the pandemic, we have worked hard to remain a steadfast and accessible resource for at-risk newcomers in our province and region, ensuring the constant availability of critical legal services and representation even during initial provincial lockdowns.

I would like to acknowledge our donors for their generous financial contributions to sustain our work during this year, which has been especially hard for many economically. The New Brunswick Law Foundation, our principal funder, has continued to provide us with the funding we need to remain operational. We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support and recognition of our important work serving at-risk persons in New Brunswick.

As the pandemic continues, we remain dedicated to serving as a crucial resource to those who need legal assistance and representation and look optimistically toward the future. Working to empower marginalized individuals and to increase community awareness of refugee issues will remain a priority of NBRC in the years to come, and we look forward to continuing our provision of support to those rebuilding their lives in Canada.

Take care,

Akram Ben Salah
Executive Director